Page of 39 Go. When purchasing extra accessories please go to your nearest dealer. If it is not a default, it will be charged when requesting for – If the same default occurs on the part that had been after-sales service. Page 26 [Remove] for an automatic deletion. Programs that can be used will appear on the check list.

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The BM doesn’t have a numeric keypad; instead, it uses touch and programmable softkeys. Please note that all addresses, Reset Button pidio, and information saved in the memory of the PDA will be lost when processing hard reset. Got it, continue to print. Android, of course, does work with a stylus, just not as well as with touch. It’s certainly small and handy enough to perform those tasks.

Also, turning off the [Menu] button on the lower right of the screen may be used to set up individual settings. Service Center Information If the price on the receipt is higher than the price, than the usual price will be used as a standard, considering that other incidental expenses had been added to the higher price.

If it is a software product, guaranteed service will be offered only in cases where the programming commands cannot be launched.


Microsoft Embedded Handheld 6. Move to camera mode If the battery does not have enough power, the camera might automatically turn off or may not start.

Bluetooth is the older 2. It will appear on the ‘Today’ screen according to the order setup after it has been printed into ‘My Documents’. Customers Service Center Hours Mon.

Pidion BM-150R series Manual

Push down using both thumbs To remove the SIM card, lightly to remove battery cover. Connections Tab Make this device visible to other devices: The pairing piddion may be different for each Bluetooth device. The BM is classified as a semi-rugged device that can handle multiple five-foot drops onto steel, has a very pidikn operating temperature range from minus 4 to degrees Fahrenheit, but does not carry an IP rating for sealing against dust or water.

It is vital that such data is separately kept, as the company will not take any responsibility for damages of these accounts. This and conducts the product appears on the screen.

Bluebird Pidion BMR GSM | Device Specs | PhoneDB

Move to a different area and try again. Page 26 [Remove] for an automatic deletion. Don’t have an account?

Multiple 5 foot drops to steel surface. However, the 24 pin charger of an ordinary mobile phone may also be used to charge the PDA battery. BMR Charged Service 4.


Calling and receiving calls are not smooth and 150rr connection is frequently cut short while talking on the phone.

Camera Move to camera mode If the battery does not have enough power, the camera might automatically turn off or may not start. Due to the characteristics of a standard charger, there may be small discharge of electricity despite the charger being fully charged. This is very dangerous and may pidioon illegal in your country. The text size that appears on the screen may be adjusted in 5 stages. Letter Recognizer other smaller boxes located in the right of the mb.

Resetting Your Phone Certification of Quality 3. It will automatically power off if it is not used for more than 1 minute. BMR [ Keyboard ] [ Letter Recognizer ] [ Transcriber ] This input method displays an This option allows you to enter text The transcriber option is similar on-screen keyboard that can be used using your own handwriting.

Please make sure all the above components are included.